From Zero to One


It all started on May 2016. I red an article introducing Burger King’s bot which allowed all it Messenger’s users to order anything they want, when they want it.

Something was about to happen. During this time I was working as a bike messenger and I was totally aware of the struggle from rushes when I oftenly had to wait for orders to get ready for consumers.

The idea was growing somehow in my mind and I finally decided to give it a try : "Facebots the Chat Messenger bot". With Maxime, we decided to embark on this journey. We really wanted to bring a new customer experience, this for both restaurants and their clients.

I wanted to associate my computer skills and my experience as a bike messenger. It started with months of research and development. A bit exhausted and certainly proud we finally created our MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Our team

Louis Delavaux

CEO & Botmaker

Maxime Girard

Mentor & Team Leader


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